NABERS is a performance-based rating system for existing buildings. It rates a building on the basis of the measured impact on the environment, and provides a simple indication of how well environmental impacts are managed. SBE has two staff who are NABERS accredited.

NABERS OFFICE is tailored for use by building owners, managers, and occupants. Building owners and managers are able to report on those aspects of the environmental performance of the building that are in their control, for example landlord energy use (lifts, air conditioning etc), water consumption etc. Building occupants are able to report on the environmental performance of the aspects of the building that they control (light and power in their tenancy, transport to and from the building etc).

NABERS ENERGY assists owners and tenants to reduce energy use, reduce energy costs and reduce greenhouse emissions. It benchmarks a building™s greenhouse impact on a scale of one to five; one star being the most polluting and five stars the least. Experience shows that by implementing energy efficiency practices many buildings can save 20 to 40 per cent on their energy bills and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

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